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Coco Peru... bringing truth and sarcasm to people everywhere -- especially those who don't know how much they need it!

-George Heymont-Huffington Post

Coco, a self-described "effeminate, damaged boy from the Bronx," was the real goods, a dragster with real talent and heart.

-San Francisco Bay Area Reporter

Hilarious, inebriating and elegant all at the same time... If there were an award for most girlish and glamorous, funniest, mouthiest diva/icon/trannie/comedian, the inimitable Miss Coco Peru would win hands down.

-L.A. Weekly

Miss Coco is a heavenly hoot... Wry and uncensored, the show is a hilarious exorcism, with music, no less. Hey, that's entertainment.

-Los Angeles Times

A composite of dozens of creamy homegrown femmes fatales.

-The New York Times

It is the brutal honesty behind the comic facade that makes Miss Coco Peru a special event.

-San Francisco Bay Area Reporter

 ...[Ugly Coco] at first looks like standup in heels. As the performer continues, however, first one thread and then the other are deftly picked up and woven together, and by the time it's over, elements as disparate as the Peter Pan ride at Disney World, drag as a calling, and a favorite stained-glass window at St. John the Divine synthesize into something that hearkens to the very root of theatre: storytelling as immanence.

-Backstage West

Miss Coco Peru is a talented monologist and equally talented singer...the show maintains elements of stand-up comedy and of the social critique that characterizes cabaret theater, where a biting discussion of current affairs is interspersed with more entertaining banter... Coco Peru is a force of nature to be reckoned with.

-Larry La Fountain  www.feastoffun.com